Member Churches and Organizations

Membership of the World Bishops Council

Membership of the WBC are those bishops (representing their Church)which have been admitted to membership as a General or Associate member.

General Members are those bishops who have met the criteria of membership(Article I of the Constitution) and hold valid "Apostolic Succession".

Associate Members are those bishops otherwise eligible for membership without "Apostolic Succession".

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Member Churches and Organizations Represented
Christ International Church
Episcopal Church, USA
Church of God in Christ Jesus
Ecumenical Catholic Church
African American Catholic Church
Holy Christian Orthodox Church
United Fellowship of Churches International
Old Roman Catholic Church
Full Gospel Tabernacle Association Worldwide
African Orthodox Church
International Religious Federation
Church of God in Christ International
Shouter's Baptist Church
Free Catholic Church, Germany
Union des petites Eglises Catholiques, Belgium
Anglican Church, India
Living Word Assembly,Trinidad and Tobago
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Western Rite Old Catholic Church
Byzantine Orthodoc Catholic Church
Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Christ Catholic Church
Russian Orthodox Church
Charismatic Episcopal Church
Anglican Church
Ukrainian Catholic Church
Heart of Fire Ministries
Church of the Living God
Philippine Independent Catholic Church
Old Catholic Church in the Czech Republic
QKingdom Ministries
Kingdom Ministries, South Africa
Community Catholic Church of Australia
Fellowship of Independent and Global Churches
African American Catholic Church
The Lords Churches and Fellowship Ministries
Refuge Ministries